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Fun and Easy Holiday Crafts

Welcome to 2good2lose.com. I created this website in December 1998 to put all the emails I recieved in the early days of the Internet. I was sent so many cute emails that year, I didn't want to lose them, so I put them online! Enjoy them as much as I do.

This is my fun website! Also below are other personal pages that I added that are 2 Good 2 Lose, mostly my favorite easy crafts, hobbies and other stuff like that.

My 1998 Emails

My 1998 Old Emails - Click here to see the categories I put the emails in. Such as Funny Things Kids Say ** Funny Lists ** Special Poems ** Encouragement ** Poems for Friends ** Outrageous Jokes

How to Crochet

How to Crochet - It's not hard to learn how to crochet, and once you learn, you never forget. You can follow these easy instructions with pictures, also watch my crocheting video.
Learn to Crochet ** Make a ChainStitch ** Single Crochet ** Double Crochet ** Crochet a Circle ** Crochet a Triangle

Now that you have learned to crochet... make something!
Crochet Easy Ornaments ** Fancy Crochet Ornaments ** Animal Ornaments ** Crochet Potholders ** Crochet Stockings ** Crochet Baby Gifts ** Crochet Christmas Gifts ** Crochet Potholders ** Crochet a Cross ** Crochet Mittens ** Crochet a Hat ** Crochet a Rug

Learn to Braid Your Hair

Learn to Braid Your Hair - This page has links to all the different styles of braids on this website. Some are simple and some are exquisite! Step by Step instructions with pictures are included.
Basic Braid ** Fishtail Braid ** Rope Braid ** French Braid ** French Rope ** French Over

Easy Holiday Crafts and Party Ideas

Holiday Crafts and Party Ideas for Kids - You have got to check these out. Everything from making Halloween costumes, Valentine Day crafts, pager mache, and easy scrapbooking. What to do for a birthday!
Birthday Party Ideas ** Chip Carving Hobby ** Make Paper Mache Fun ** Make a Photo Scrapbook ** Easy Halloween Costumes ** Valentine Party Ideas ** How to Make a Rag Quilt and a Rag Rug ** Chip Carving Hobby

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Craft Ideas for Children - On these pages are some crafts that I made when I was little for decorating the Christmas tree. You can enjoy these with your kids too. Very easy!
Christmas Costume Ideas ** Easy Christmas Crafts ** Christmas Ornaments ** Make Felt Ornaments ** Make a Christmas Wreath ** Holly Pinecone Wreath ** Make a Christmas Bow ** Christmas Tradition

Visit Santa Claus Land

Santa Claus Village ** Holiday World ** Santa's Lodge and Campground ** Send a Letter from Santa

Personal Pages

These pages are home improvements we did around the house to save energy, money, and time.

Grow a Small Garden
Solar Lights in our House
Wind Turbine Test
GE Prodigy Dryer
Freezer won't Freeze!
My New Dell Laptop

Then I added some pages for miscellanious things, since I don't have a blog.

Everything Made in China?
Preparing for a Recession?
No More Telephone!
Get a Tan in a Swimsuit
My 1950's Memories
1900's Fashions
How to Age Gracefully?
Diva our Deaf Kitten
Links I Like

Also information about our vehicles.

Our 1996 T Bird ... Our 1993 Astro Van ... Our 1989 Sundance ... 1990 Jeep Wrangler

Teens and Things

These are some pages I made for teenagers. What was it like to date in the 1960's? What is a gentleman?!

Teen Allowances and Jobs
Teenagers and Money
Teen Party Tips
Teens and Dating Tips
Dating Manners
Making and Keeping Friends
Teenagers and Credit Cards

So this website is basicly my "catch-all" website. Everything that is going on in my life, favorite crafts, things I made, everything I've tried or learned in my life is on these pages. Hope you enjoy!

Fun Quotes:
A vacation is a succession of 2's
It consists of 2 weeks, which are are 2 short,
Afterward - you are 2 tired 2 return 2 work and 2 broke not 2.