Our Christmas Tradition Going to Grandmas

Start a Christmas Tradition

It seems more people have moved all over the US. So what kind of tradition can you start for you and your children? Christmas's that are memorable? I will never forget the Christmas traditions in our household as a child.

Two weeks before Christmas, mom would take us shopping to get little gifts for family members.

We were out of school a week before Christmas, and that is when we made the Christmas cookies, and easy christmas crafts for the trees. We had a Christmas play at school the night before we got out of school for the holidays. My most frequent costume of course was an angel.

Our Christmas tradition was that we opened presents on Christmas Eve. When we were little, our Christmas Eve went like this.

We helped cleaned the house. Then we had to take a nap. (but when we were older, our parents piled us all in the car to see all the Christmas lights. When we returned Santa had already been there. We opened our presents, and then prepared to go to grandmas. We got to take a new toy with us.

All our relatives and cousins were at grandmas, and we ran around and had lots of fun. Before it was time to leave, all of the relatives gathered in grandmas living room around the hugest Christmas tree I have ever seen, and we sat and listened as grandma sung Silent Night in German. At midnight we went to Midnight Mass.

We slept in on Christmas Morning, and mom prepared a buffet style ham dinner. She played her Christmas albums with Bing Crosby and Dean Martin etc. We played with our new toys and then went to visit some of my parents friends for awhile. One of my parents friends played an accordian, and it was very entertaining.

The Christmas toys that I remember the most is when I recieved a "Chatty Cathy,"a record player, my first Barbie, which I wish I still had, and of course my first bike.

Start a new tradition with your neighbors. Have a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

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