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How to Make a Fishtail Braid

Just like the Basic Braid, this braid turns out best if you pull hair back into a tight ponytail first. The difference between the two braids is that you are going to seperate the ponytail into 2 strands instead of three.

Here's what a Fishtail Braid looks like.

Sample of a Fishtail Braid

1. Once you have separated the ponytail, you are going to start out by holding the 2 strands in your left hand.

Fishtail Braid step 1

2. Now you are going to take a thin piece from the outside of the right strand and join it with the left strand.

Fishtail Braid step 2

3. Reverse how you are holding hair and switch hands.

Fishtail Braid step 3

4. With your left hand take a thin piece from the outside of the left strand and join it with the right strand.

Fishtail Braid step 4

5. You are going to repeat steps 2 and 3 until the braid is as long as you desire. Then finish with an elastic.

Fishtail Braid step 5

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