Valentines Day Party Ideas For Young Children

Do they have Valentine Parties for children any more? Surely they do. We used to make Valentines for each other, and have punch and cookies. No "Sin the Bottle" though! Haha.

♥ How to Make Valentine Invitations

Cut 6 inch hearts out of red drawing paper. Separate each into two parts for a "broken heart." Cut jagged from indention at top down to tip. No two hearts should be cut apart exactly the same.
On each half-heart, write your invitation, plus the words, "Bring this heart to find your Secret Friend." Guests will enjoy fitting the edges to find the matching half.

♥ Planning a Valentine's Party?

valentine balloonsWhen it's time to plan your child's party, let your imagination go. Games, crafts, songs, stories, and plays all can be part of the fun. The trick is choosing what is right for the age of your guests.
How many guests do you invite to a child's party? My parents always went by the 1 guest per year rule. In other words, if the child is going to be 6 they have six guests. 7... 7 guests, 8 ... eight guests, etc. 2 yrs old? 2 guests! (and of course all the relatives) Just keep the guest list small since younger children need more supervision, or ask a friend to help you for a preschooler party. Here's some Valentine's Day recipes