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Christmas in Indiana is a year around event at Santa Claus Village.

Santa Claus Village is a cute little town East of Evansville, Indiana, about a 45 minute drive. It is very fun and interesting just driving around this little village.

All the streets and shops have holiday related names, and they light up the town with Christmas lights starting two weeks before Thanksgiving.

The Postmarks on the letters from Santa Claus are desirable and collectable. Many people write a letter to Santa Claus just to get the postmark.

This statue in front of the town hall, is dedicated to the children of the world, in memory of an undying love. The original statue is still on display, see it here.

Santa Claus Town Hall

The Town of Santa Claus

The town of Santa Claus was established in 1818. At first they named the town Santa Fee, but then found out there was a postal conflict with a town in Indiana named Santa Fe.

So, as the story goes, the townspeople were sitting around on Christmas Eve trying to think of a new name for the town, when the doors flew open, and they heard sleigh bells, and all the children cried, "Santa Claus!"

- see the Santa Claus museum... Santa Claus Museum
- other places Santa Claus shops... Santa Claus shops
- Santa even stops at the Holly Tree Shop... Holly Tree Shop
- Louis J Cook and Holiday Boulevard... Holiday Blvd
- the Spencer County Visitor'ss Center... visitor's center
- the restored Candy Castle... candy castle
- the resoring of the Toy Shop in progress... toy shop
- Santa Claus Holiday Foods... Holiday Foods

Christmas Lake Village

The second week of December, Christmas Lake Village opens it's gates for a public drive thru. The people that live in Christmas Lake Village light up their homes with fabulous colorful displays and lights.

There are three lakes in Christmas Lake Village, Christmas Lake, Lake Noel, and Lake Holly. The picture above is Christmas Lake.

- See a view of Christmas Lake
- The exit at Christmas Lake Village

Amazingly, winter, is not the most popular season for Santa Claus Village. Summertime is! All because of Holiday World, which is a big amusement park. Many years ago it was called Santa Claus Land. Holiday World is closed during the winter.

There is also Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Park. We drove through it just to take a peek, and it looks like it is a real nice place to stay.

See more pictures of Santa Claus Village on Pix by Debbie

You can also stay at Santa's Lodge.

An email from my sister:

Hi Carol, how's it going? Finally, the Town of Santa Claus is vamping up the Christmas season.

The Kochs have started a monthly long celebration beginning November 20. I've given you some links below to check it out.

PS. I got word that they are restoring the original statue of Santa Claus