Crochet Easy Mittens Simple Pattern Instructions

Here's is an easy-to-do crocheted mitten pattern.

They fit snug at the wrist to keep the cold out.

Directions are simple.

Thanks to Linda for emailing me the complete instructions for the mittens!

Crochet Some Mittens

Worsted weight yarn
Size "G" hook

Sizes: Child's small 4 1/2 inches (medium 5 1/2, Large 6 1/2, adult 7 1/2)

Measurments taken from wrist to end of longest finger.

Work lenghtwise from cuff to wrist (6 sl st) up hand, over fingers (3 sl st) down hand, to wrist (6 sl st) to cuff. Turn.

Work in back loops throughout except first and last stitch of each row.

Ch 70 (78-84-90-98)

Row 1: 11 (12-12-12-12) sc, 6 sl st, 16 (19-22-25-29) sc, 3 sl st, 16 (19-22-25-29), 6 sl st, 11 (12-12-12-12) sc. Turn

Repeat last row for a total of 10 (11-12 14-14) rows.

Thumb: Row 1: 11 (12-12-12-12) sc, 6 sl st, 6 (7-8-9-10) sc, ch 13 (15-19-20-21) sk 23 (27-31-36-41) sts, then do 6 sl st, 11 (12-12-12-12) sc. Ch 1, turn.

Repeat last row 3 (3-4-5-5) times. Fasten off leaving a very long tail or do not fasten off to crochet mitten together.

Please Note: I received an email that states that she could not get the "thumb Instructions" to work no matter what she tried! :(

Fold mitten. sew or crochet edges on sc together, rounding top as much as possible.

Turn right side out and make the partner the same way.

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