How to Make Paper Mache Easy Holiday Craft Ideas

I can remember when I was smaller and we made Paper Mache pumpkins for Halloween. Actually the correct spelling is Papier Mache', but you can use paper mache to make many fun items, and it's a good craft for kids.

How to Make Paper Mache

Paper Mache is perfect in the home and schoolroom for creating exciting arts and craft projects such as centerpieces, lamp bases, plaques, puppets, bowls, toys, and decorations for every holiday. You can also cover old bottles with paper mache to make decorative candle holders.

You can buy Paper Mache ready mixed, called Celluclay, or you can make it yourself from torn newspaper strips 2 to 3 inches wide and dipped into a solution of 1 part flour to 2 parts water. Liquid laundry starch or white glue used full strength are also suitable.

Directions to Use

To use, place 1 to 6 layers wet paste-dipped paper strips over a base shape of cardboard, stryrofoam, plastic, or balloons. Use shaped chicken wire or paper stuffed bags for larger forms. Dry for 24 hours. Cover with a sealer such as gesso or thinned plaster to keep colors from seeping into the porous surface. Dry. Spray paint and decorate as creatively as you dare.

Below is a picture of a Paper Mache Halloween Mask

Paper Mache Halloween Mask

Make a Pumpkin Pinata Easy!

Did you know that pinatas were made out of Paper Mache?

Make a Halloween pumpkin pinata. Just cover a large balloon with the paper strips, let dry, and paint orange. Glue on black contruction paper for the eyes, nose and mouth, or paint them on.

Make sure you add extra paper mache for the lid, and paint it green. Use scissors to pop the balloon inside, and cut the lid half open. Fill with small candies and confetti, bend the end of a hanger and insert it through the top of the lid, and glue the lid back down.

Fold the hanger back into position to hangup on a backyard tree limb or the spot where the party will be.