Crochet Baby Gifts Easy Holiday Gifts to Make

Here's a couple of patterns for crocheting gifts for baby, the family, or your friends.

These patterns are from a magazine I found at the thrift store called "Christmas Crochet." It is an old magazine, so I'm not sure they even make these magazines anymore.

Anyway I'm going to put some patterns and instructions on my pages, because they are 2good2lose!

Baby Bib for the Holidays

This is the snowman baby bib instructions that were in the magazine.
When I first saw this picture, I thought it was a crocheted potholder!

Crochet a Snowman Baby Bib

Big Baby Bib Picture
Baby Bib instructions

Baby Bunting

If you have time you can make a warm and cuddly Baby Bunting.
This one has a hood.

Crochet a Baby Bunting

Large picture of the Baby Bunting
Crocheting instructions page #1.... Instructions page #2

Baby Bottle Holders

These are pretty cool! Crocheted holders for baby bottles!

Crochet covers for baby bottles!
Large picture of Baby Bottle Covers
Instructions for Baby Bottle Covers

Baby Booties

Here's a picture of some baby booties that uses ovals on the bottom.
I don't have the instructions for these though, because they were a gift.

Crocheting Baby Booties

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