1990 Jeep Wrangler Our Winter Project

We Need a 4 Wheel Drive

In early October we started doing some research on 4 wheel drives. We needed something to drive around this winter, since the Astro van and the Tbird both have rear wheel drive.

After checking Ebay and Craigs List every day for weeks, we couldn't come up with anything that we wouldn't have to drive for hours to pick up.

Then a friend of ours gave us one of those local auto classified magazine, and we couldn't believe our luck when we ran across a 1990 jeep wrangler for $1600. We called them up and made arrangements to buy it and pick it up the same day.

So here it is, our 1990 Jeep Wrangler. Yes I know it's red, which is not our favorite color, but oh well.

1990 Jeep Wrangler

Now this jeep does have some issues. It wasn't cheap for no reason. In fact, once we got it home, it totally died in the front of the house, which we soon figured out it was just corrosion on the battery thingies.

The Wrangler only came with a soft top, and both zippers on both windows were broken. We were able to sew the one on the passenger side up. I guess we'll have to find a hardtop somehow.

Other issues include some dents in the front fenders and several rusted out spots on and near the doors that need to be fixed. The bumper in front is slightly bent.

Some good points are that the interior is pretty mint, and the heater works, and the tires which say "Goodyear Wrangler RTS" are still good.

Honestly, neither one of us have owned a 4 wheel drive before, and really didn't know how to operate one.

I got on the Internet to try to find out How to Drive a 4 Wheel Drive, and came up with practically nothing, other than, "Don't put it in 4 wheel drive while you're on pavement."

Here's a list of things we have done to the jeep since we bought it:

1. Sewed up the passenger side window, (other side still broken)
2. Fixed the flopping temperature gauge by cleaning the connector.
3. Fixed the fuel gauge. (Connected a ground wire that was not connected.)
4. Fixed the dents in the left fender. Before and after pictures.
5. Cleaned and painted rear axle cover, and changed the oil in the axle. Bought a rear axle seal, but couldn't get the bolt undone to put it in.
6. Fix a transmission leak by plugging the hole with a bolt and silicone tape.
7. Put on new radiator hose and new belts.
8. Fixing the dents in the right fender. Bondo time and after pictures.
9. New rear Universal clamps.
10. Removed the bent up bumpers from the back of the jeep.

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Wrangler 4x4

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