Learn to Crochet Start with Chain Stitch

Now that you know how to make a slipknot loop and hold the yarn correctly, (see Learn to Crochet) you can begin by learning a simple chain stitch.

1. Hold the slipknot firmly in your left hand, and wind the yarn in a clockwise position over the shaft and catch it on the hook.

Learn to crochet step 6

Now while you have the yarn on the hook, pull it through the slipknot you are holding. When you do this, you will still have one loop on the hook. You see that? That is called a chain stitch! Let's do it again.

2. Still holding the crocheting needle put it under the yarn (from the left) and hook it on that little hook, and then pull it through.

Learn to crochet step 7


Put it under and pull it through. Put it under and pull it through, put it under and pull it through. Now look what you just made! It should look like this, a nice chain!

Learn to crochet step

You have just made what is called a chain stitch and you can make this single chain stitch as long, and as many loops as you want.

Now if you messed up it's very simple fix, and you can even start over if you want. Just remove the crochet needle, pull on the yarn, and it totally comes undone all buy itself.

Practice making a chain stitch for awhile, and then you can continue by making a Single Crochet.

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