Teen Dating Tips

Is there such a thing as a man being a gentleman on a date? When I was a teen , it was standard procedure of the guy to open the door, pay for the evening etc. What has happened to the basic principles of dating?

Here's some of the rules for dating I was raised on.

Boys should take the initiative in making dates, especially for occasions that involve buying tickets, using some form of transportation, or buying food.

A girl may easily and correctly include a boy she would like to have for a special friend in a group of boys and girls invited to her home, or she may ask the boy to escort her to an affair given and paid for by a group of girls.

Even this she does not do, usually, until the boy has indicated in some way that he likes her. Even though customs have changed somewhat, the boy should take the lead in making the date.

It is the girl's responsibility to say when to go home and to keep track of the passing time when having a date. This may not be easy when the group is having a lot of fun, for the hours have a way of slipping by.

Both boys and girls should have an understanding with their parents about the time they will be home after a date, and there should be an arrangement to inform the family of any changes in their time of return.

Who Pays for the Date?

The boy takes care of the expenses involved in a date for which he has extended the invitation. Since the boy's finances are likely to be limited, the girl who is considerate in her suggestions for entertainment and food will usually find herself more sought after than is the "gold digger."

Sometimes boys and girls go Dutch, or share expenses on a date. The girl should be the one to suggest going Dutch, so it will be understood in advance. If they are good friends of long standing and the boy does not have much money, this plan is permissible.

When a group of boys and girls go to a park or a beach to cook their dinner and spend the evening, the food may be furnished by the girls and the transportation by the boys. Music from a radio or CD could be their entertainment.

If two people are congenial, there are many things they might enjoy doing together which will be inexpensive. It is not the amount of money spent that makes the occasion an enjoyable one.

Studying together, walking home from school, watching TV, spending an evening listening to Cd's and dancing, working together on a hobby, playing games at a community center, attending youth group activities, or going to informal get togethers at friend's homes are all activities that can be enjoyed together without spending much money.

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