Quitting Smoking with E-Cigs?

Our First E-Cigs

Seems E-Cigarettes have been around for years, but we never bothered to try them out. After running into some reviews on E-Cigs on this MD forum that were pretty positive, we did some research online and decided to give them a try.

We wound up ordering a Joye 510 Starter Kit from madvapes.com for 39.95 which included 2 ecigs, 2 chargers, and extra cartridges.

Then we realized we might not get it till "after" the holidays, which would be a bummer. So, we went to town and checked all the stores looking for some Ecigs. We even tried Walmart, the Smoke Shop and a J's truck stop, and no one had them!

Walgreen's has "Finiti" and "Blu" E-cigs

Finiti DisposablesWe wound up going to Walgreens because we know Walgreens usually has hard to find items. Sure enough, Walgreens had 2 varieties of Ecigs. A "Finiti" disposable, and "Blu" with separate cartridges or "carts" in Ecig lingo. I checked out the Finiti website. They were a dollar cheaper at Walgreen's, than on the website. It looks like they have changed their name now to "Fin" as in "Fincigs."

We bought two of each, a pack of tobacco carts, and a 5 pack of cherry cartridges. (not sure why we bought cartridges)

I opened the "Finiti" for myself, and coughed immediately because I took too long of a drag. The hubby opened a "Blu" and we puffed on them occasionally all the way back home. Didn't have to roll down the car windows, or use a lighter, or find an ashtray. Really awesome.

Purpose of the LED tips

We were pretty happy with what we got. They both have blue LED's on the tip, and I found out later that they start blinking once the battery gets low.

I "vaped" (another word that Ecig users use) on the "Finiti" all day whenever I wanted because it was so cool, and by 9pm it started blinking which was a bummer because the package says "Equal to 2 packs." I found that hard to believe I vaped the equivalent of 2 packs today??? Impossible!

Blu Disposable ecigHow long do they last?

So, it seems that if you are vaping on a disposable all day, the battery is going to run out pretty fast. I wound up having two cigarettes before I went to bed, instead of opening the other Finiti. So, it lasted about 6 to 9 hrs.

What about the flavor?

Now, what about the flavor? The "Finiti" has a milder flavor than the Blu. But they are both sweet. Maybe Nicotine is naturally sweet or it could be the glycerin? Both are great in my opinion, maybe because I'm not picky about cigarettes though.

How big are they?

They both are about the size of a "long" cigarette, but the Finiti was a little shorter and fatter. It reminds me of those Marlboro Golds (I think they are called)

See a larger picture of the Disposable Ecigs we bought.

Click here to see a size comparison with the Joye 510, the Blu, the Finiti, and a regular cigarette.


After 2 days of online research, I think we are going to give this a try. But not until our starter kit shows up, and we have a bit of a promise of a "continual" supply. So, the disposable's are nice, but they won't last very long if your continually puffing on them.

But since we've already bought some Blu cartridges, we may go to the Blu website and order a Blu starter kit from them. Chances are, these companies have made the E-cigs so that their parts are not interchangeable. (We found out later that the Blu cartridges fit on the Joye 510.

When the Joye 510 Starter Kit gets delivered, I'll post our review of them on this page too. Madvapes.com has a very easy to use website for ordering. They have kept me informed via email every step my order is in, and even sent me a tracking number. Seems they really care about customer service and keeping their customers happy.

The Joye 510


Surprise! They delivered our Joye 510 today even though it's New Year's Eve! WhooHoo! We opened it up and there was a gift of a little flashlight on a keychain too. Way to go Madvapes! One of these days they may have a Ecig on a keychain, who knows?

Anyway, we put the Ecigs together, we got the "manual" ones, which means you push a button, then draw. They have a blue LED on the tips. Also an instruction book which we must read! The neat thing is that the Blu cartridges we bought fit on the 510 too. Nice!

There are 2 chargers. One is a USB that you can use in your laptop, but the wall charger needs to have the USB attached to charge it from the outlet. So, you can only use one or the other. This kit is really just for one person, and you are suppose to vape one while the other one is charging. So, we may need to eventually get another kit for my own use.

The Joye 510 has a great smooth flavor, not as strong as the Blu. We're very happy. Happy New Year!

Click here to see a large picture of our Joye 510 starter kit.

Click here to see a size comparison with the Joye 510, the Blu, the Finiti, and a regular cigarette.

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