Learn How to Crochet a Triangle

Maybe you are interested in a crocheting a triangle. For a special project, I know people who have crocheted many small triangles and then crocheted them all together to make a baby blanket or lap blanket.

I haven't ever really used the triangle crochet stitch much. I just tried it out a couple times, and wrote down the instructions in case I needed it in the future. So here are the instructions for you to use, if you find you need a triangle crochet stitch.

Let's Get Started...

Materials you'll Need:

Crocheting Needle (my favorite is a #7)

Yarn, medium thickness

Nimble fingers : )

There are two ways to make a triangle.

Start at the point of the triangle, or start at the bottom.

To start at the point, make a slip knot and one chain stitch.

Turn your work and increase one stitch at the beginning and end of the each row until the triangle is as wide as you want it to be.

Fasten off.

Or start at the base and you'll be working backwards.

Chain 15, then decrease at the beginning and end of each row until there are two loops on the hook.

Fasten off.

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