Ladies Fashions from the 1900's Sears Robuck Shopping Catalog

1900's Sears Catalog When I go to the Thrift Store, I spend most of my time browsing through their books, and this last time I ran into a copy of a 1900's catalog for Sears Robuck and Company.

So what did they wear in the early 1900's? On this page are some of the women's clothing that will give you an idea of what they wore back then. Everything from the corset, to dresses, to hats, and shoes. All very interesting stuff, I hope you like the pictures. The prices are pretty amazing too.

Sears and Robuck, a consumer guide, claimed to be the "Cheapest Supply House on Earth." Just reading the history of Sears Robuck was interesting in itself. See the founder, Richard Warren Sears

One of the things that interested me in this book is what they were wearing for swimsuits in the early 1900's. Which in the catalog they are advertising one or two piece swimsuits. The two piece swimsuits consisted of quarter sleeve shirt and knee pants, made in black or navy blue colors. Price 89 cents. Also the same in stripes, price per suit... $1.00
See the bathing suit page There was not a page for women's swimsuits unfortunately.

Ladies Hats in the 1900's

Woman's hat in the 1900'sThere are two pages in the catalog for ladies hats. The fashion seems to be a black rimmed hat with lots of feathers, flowers or large bow on top, made from a material called velvetta.

The one in the picture is the only hat that was a different color other than black. It is purple. For instance, a description of this hat is, "A large and extremely Jaunty Hat of Purple Velvetta. Has edge outlined with heavy black satin wire. The shape is an exceptionally becoming one, flaring on the left side and drooping over the hair in the back. Three large bunches of purple violet ornaments the left side, and folded trimming of purple velvetta is brought around the crown..." Click picture to read more.

Ladies 1900's Hats page 1, Ladies 1900's Hats page 2
Ladies Jackets, Ladies Jackets page 2, Ladies Jackets page 3
Ladies Plush Capes

Ladies Corsets

Ladies Corset  1900sIn this catalog there are two pages of ladies corsets. The first page is called Summer Corsetts, and features 4 hook or 5 hook, child's or misses corsets. For instance a description goes as follows for a high bust summer corset.

"High Bust Summer Corsett. This is without doubt the most successful corset of it's kind. Has the high bust feature which proven so taking with ladies of slim figure; has four side steels, three strips, reinforced bust; inserted zone of extra heavy quality of net to prevent it from breaking out at the waist line. Sizes 18 to 30."

Page two of the corsets are mostly KABO Corsets, and Sears basically says, don't worry, we have a size that will fit you! The KABO used in Construction, of the Kabo Corset is of the best and strongest materials, while the loop lacer is a vast improvement on the old brass eyelet's which so often corrode and soil the under garments, and so thin is the lacing to be hardly perceptible on the finest silk gown.

Ladies Corsets page 1, Ladies Corsets page 2
Ladies White Underskirts, Drawers and Corset Covers
Ladies Nightgowns, Flannel and Chemise Nightgowns

1900's Ladies Dresses

Unfortunately, the book skips over the ladies dresses, and includes only the skirts and some wool suits. Then there is a page on Ladies skirts with a cape.

Ladies Skirts
Ladies Wool Suits
Ladies Skirt and Capes

1900's Ladies Shoes and Boots

Ladies high tops and skating boot
Shoes with buttons and lacing

Also see some early 1900's sewing machines.

Edgemere Sewing Machine
Burdick Full Cabinet Sewing Machine
Burdick 7 drawer drophead Sewing Machine

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