How to Make a Christmas Bow Christmas Crafts and Presents

Christmas Bows are easy to make. On this page, is instructions for making a large Christmas Bow for a wreath or your front door. You can even decorate your stair rails with Christmas bows. If you use a smaller ribbon, you can make some small fancy bows for your presents.

How to Make a Basic Christmas Bow

First, make the Streamer - to fork the ends, fold ribbon in half, cut diagonal, see A and B, or cut like C.

How to make a Christmas Bow

To Make the Bow, take a length of ribbon; fold first 1/5 back on main piece; loop long end over folded back section and around bottom and top layers, creating 5 equal layers; one end is the center layer, other bottom; they face opposite directions.

With a separate piece of ribbon, knot the bow snugly, gathering layers, pinning or tieing knot to back; cut excess from knot.

Fan the bow out.

Create a Diagonal cut, follow C.

Pin streamers to the back of the bow, or insert streamer before you tie the knot in back.

Christmas Bows for Presents

When I make Chrismas Bows for presents, I get another person to help me. What this person does is hold out a finger from each hand about 3 inches apart.

Hold the cut ribbon in the center, and begin wrapping the ribbon around your friend's fingers. After you wrap around several times, bring the ribbon ends to the middle and tie them. Then slip the bow off your friend's fingers and separate the bow. Voila! Simple!

Also see instructions for an artificial Christmas Wreath that you can make and use on your door every year.

If you want to make a real Christmas Wreath then see How to Make a Christmas Wreath.

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