Pine Cone and Holly Wreath Make a Candy Cane Wreath

Pine cone and holly wreathYears ago, or should I say in the early 1970's, artificial Christmas crafts were the "in thing." I guess it was because they just invented artificial flowers and stuff.

Crafts were really big too, and craft shops began popping up all over the place!

Nowadays, artificial flowers and Christmas greenery are hard to tell from the real thing.

The instructions below are for an artificial Christmas Wreath that you can make and use on your door every year.

If you want to make a real Christmas Wreath then see How to Make a Christmas Wreath.

Pine Cone and Holly Wreath

1 green styrofoam ring 14 inches in diameter
36 pine cones
10 sprays of artificial holly
3 yards of 3 1/2' wide red ribbon
Floral wire
Floral picks (maybe)
wire cutters

Let's Get Started

Wire the Pine Cones STEP 1:
Wire your Pine Cones. See Picture. Disperse them around the Styrofoam ring.

Take 4 holly sprays and cut each one in half leaving 2 inches of stem on each end. These 8 sections form the 8 outer points and each section is embedded into the side of the Styrofoam ring.

Cut from the 6 remaining holly sprays each section at the point where the section of holly joins the main stem. Each section of holly should have about 1 1/2 inch of stem.

If it is necessary for you to stabilize or lengthen any of these holly sections then you will need to wire a floral pick to the end of the stem.

Embed these sections all around the Styrofoam ring completely covering all exposed areas.

Make a big bow with ribbon and wire into place on the wreath.

How to Make a Christmas bow.

Crochet a Pinecone Wreath

"Cover a plastic foam base with lacy white crochet, then trim with leaves, berries, pinecones and candy canes. Design is by Nellie Torgerson."

Crochet a Pinecone Wreath

A larger Christmas Pinecone Wreath picture

The Christmas Pinecone Wreath crocheting instructions... page 2 instructions... page 3 instructions

Candy Cane Wreath

Materials: Purchased wreath; 4 dozen 7" candy canes; florist's tape; covered heavyweight florist's wire; six double bows of weatherproof red "velvet"; hairpins or thread.

Directions: Cut wire into 48 lengths, 3 1/ 2" each. Attach wires to candy canes with floral tape so that 2" of wire extends beyond bottom. Push clusters of wired canes into wreath, and secure bows with hairpins or thread.

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