Crocheted Rugs How to Crochet or Braid a Rug

Recently, when I went to the thrift store I found and old pamphlet on different kinds of rugs you can make. To my surprise, most of them are crocheted. Which is good because I love to crochet.

I photographed the pages, and hooked them up here so I don't lose them. Yes indeed, they are 2good2lose. So here they are, just in time for the long winter.

Click on the link and print the instructions out if you like.

Basic Crocheted Rugs

- A Single Crocheted and Knot Rug - Single crochet a base and then add knots of colorful yarn. Commonly called a Block Fringe Rug.
- A Crocheted and Embroidered Rug - A firm base of Single crochet forms an excellent background for embroidery. The entire rug is worked with a double strand of yarn.
- The Basic Round Crocheted Rug - Make it at big or as small as you like. The rug illustrated is 6 feet in diameter.
- A Reverse Crocheted Rug - Looks good on either side.
- A Crocheted Motif Rug - Based on a Simple Afghan Motif in Brilliant colors
- A Crocheted and Braided Rug - A beautiful combination of textures, simple to do, lovely to look at.
- A simple Braided Rug - Washing instructions included.
- Crochet in the Round part 1 - part 2 - Knot Fringe from Deep Bongo to Light Cream
- Weave a Rug - Try your hand at weaving, not at hard as you think. A good firm mesh is the basis of an attractive rug.

- How to Make Fringe
- How to Single Crochet

How to Make a Rag Rug

When we were little we used to make rag rugs. So how do you make a rag rug?

Well you take old clothes and cut them into 2 or 3 inch strips.

Then you braid the strips. The end of the first braid can be interwoven with your next set of strips or you can sew the ends to the next set of strips and continue to braid till you get one huge long braid.

Then on a level floor you can start wrapping the braid in a circle, starting from the center. And with a needle and thread, tack it, or put several stitches in to hold the braided circle together.

You can make your braided rag rug as big as you want. They turn out very colorful.

How to Crochet

Learn to Crochet
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Single Crochet
Double Crochet
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