Rope Braid Tutorial with Pictures

This is another braid that works best on a ponytail, preferably long and one length. You may want to start with damp hair.

Here's what a Rope Braid looks like.

Rope Braid example

1. Separate the ponytail into 3 strands. Hold 2 strands in the left hand and 1 in the right hand.

Rope Braid tutorial step 1

2. Wind the strand in your right hand around your index finger to the right. Then switch hands so that all 3 strands are in your right hand, separated with your fingers. Hold onto wound strand, so it does not unravel.

Rope Braid step 2

3. Bring the wound strand over so it is now on the left. Then switch all 3 strands back to the left hand.

How to make a rope braid step 3

4. Now your right hand can wind the right strand again. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to the end of the ponytail. Do Not release or the rope will unravel!

Step 4 How to Rope braid

To secure Rope, fasten with a tight elastic.

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