Make Some Felt Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

These felt ornament patterns were found in my mother's sewing basket. Thanks Mom!

Felt OrnamentsGeneral Directions:
Using patterns, cut figures from felt, cutting two identical pieces for each ornament. Decorate one or both sides, stitch together with a small overcast stitch or blanket stitch, lightly stuffing with bits of nylon stockings or cotton.

Snowman has black hat, blue or green eyes, red mouth and gold buttons. Snowman pattern

Christmas Tree is green with circles of several colors for ornaments. Christmas tree pattern

Stocking is red with cuff, toe and heel of white. Stocking pattern

Bird's beak and inner eye are white, outer eye is black; feathers are gold and black. Bird body is red. Bird Pattern

Gingerbread Man is gold with facial features and buttons in black. Gingerman pattern

Horse can be any color with contrasting color flowers scattered at random. Horse pattern

Star should be sprinkled with sequins or glitter. Star Pattern

Attach a piece of yarn to use as hanger.