Homemade Christmas Costumes Easy Elf and Mrs Claus

elves holding presents

Honestly, the only homemade Christmas costume I have ever made myself, was an Elf costume.

Easy Elf Costume

All I did was get some green tights, used a skirt from a Christmas tree and widened the waistline, then pinned it around me.

Wore a green turtleneck sweater, and an alternate color vest. Added some Christmas pins on the vest.

I didn't really have an elf hat, I just had my long ponytail with a huge green ribbon tied in it, and piled on the makeup and blusher.

Other Christmas Costume Ideas

Mrs ClausThis picture is a lady in a parade dressed up as Mrs Claus, and she was carrying and passing out red and green balloons to the kids. She has a very simple costume made.

A good standby, is always an angel costume. Years ago when my mom had to go to PTA meetings for Christmas, me and my sisters were always dressed up as angels every year.

Of course my mom did alot of home sewing too. Mostly using satins and lace, and the wings were made of sheer nylon covered wire hangers.

How we attached them I do not know, but I think they were just pinned on. We also had some kind of halo, which was a hanger wrapped in gold Christmas tinsel.

Felt is always a great material for Christmas crafts and costumes.

Cabbage Patch Kid's Christmas Costume

I couldn't believe this little crocheted Cabbage Patch Kid Christmas Costume when I found it in a 1985 crocheting magazine. So cute!

Crochet a Cabbage Patch Kid Santa Suit

Large picture of the Cabbage Patch Kid in a Santa Suit
Crocheting Instructions page 1.... Crocheting Instructions page 2

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