Dell 1000 Inspiron Laptop Our Personal Review

It seems kind of funny giving a review on the Dell 1000 Inspiron Laptop while I'm sitting here using it. This is the first laptop we have ever owned. We have never had a laptop before, and even though we have seen them around for awhile, they were kind of scary to us.

It's an Affordable Laptop

One day, we went to a Cogen Computer Show here in Connecticut, and we saw this Dell 1000 Inspiron Laptop in front of a Laptop Vendor from New Jersey. It seemed to be the most affordable to us at $675.00, and it's size is "just the right size." We didn't want to get an expensive one as our first laptop because we weren't really sure we would enjoy it.

The Benefits

1. Since the Dell 1000 Inspiron Laptop is so compact, I have all this space now in my room where my huge computer and monitor was, along with a computer table. Now, I have my laptop sitting on a small standing oval TV dinner tray instead. See the picture.

Dell 1000 laptop

2. Another benefit of this Dell 1000 Laptop would be the WI FI Internet access. The laptop vendor we bought it from, also threw in an access card for free. So now, if we are traveling, we can have Internet access.

3. After we bought the Dell 1000 Inspiron Laptop, we went to Staples and got some laptop accessories, a laptop case, an adapter for the car, a little light that lights the keyboard, and we bought Microsoft Streets and Trips with a GPS included at Comp USA.

The Dell 1000 laptop

The laptop was already loaded with everything I needed to do my computer work. It has XP on it, Word Perfect, a DVD player, a CD burner, and more. It also had a trial version of Jas Paint Shop Pro, but I have always used Photoshop, so I didn't need it. I installed Photoshop 7 and Dreamweaver 3, and I was all set. Another thing I like, is that in the back of the laptop there are 4 USB ports instead of 3 (like on our friend's laptop)
So here's a good tip for you, make sure your new laptop has 4 USB ports. One for your mouse, one for a light, one for your camera, and one for your GPS.

Things that Concern Me

1. One thing that concerns me is how "hot" this little laptop gets. The little cooling fan underneath is doing it's job, but I have to always be aware of where the laptop is sitting. There has to be airflow. So sitting it on your bed is not a good idea.

2.The monitor screen is darker than an expensive laptop. You can adjust the brightness in your settings to make it brighter, but it will never be as bright as the more expensive laptops.

3. It does not have loud volume. It has "bedroom" volume. The volume is low especially for DVD's They make little speakers to amplify the sound.

Bottom Line: A Great First Laptop!