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Crocheting Lesson 3

Now that you know how to make a slipknot loop and hold the yarn correctly, and make a simple chain stitch, you can begin to learn how to Single Crochet.

To start, make a chain of about 20 chain stitches. Hold the chain in your left hand and slip the needle into the second loop in the chain.

Single Crochet step 1

With the hook, grab the yarn like you see in the picture below, and pull it through the loop.

Single Crochet step 2

Now you will see that you have two loops on your crocheting needle. See picture below.

Single Crochet step 3

Now with two loops on your needle reach over and grab the yarn again, and pull it through BOTH loops. See picture below.

Single Crochet step 4

Once you pull the yarn through both loops you will have ONE loop on your needle again! You have just made what is called a single crochet! See picture below.

Single Crochet step  5

Repeat this page from step 1 above, in the next loop on your chain.

Single crochet step 6

Continue to work one single crochet into each chain until you reach the end of the row.

To turn your work, keep the hook in the right hand and turn what you crocheted over, from right to left.

Work one turning chain, which counts as the first stitch. Skip the first stitch and work into the second stitch in order to keep the edge of your work straight.

Now if you messed up it's very simple fix, and you can even start over if you want. Just remove the crochet needle, pull on the yarn, and it totally comes undone all buy itself.

One you get used to making your single crochet stitch you can easily make a crocheted potholder or a crocheted rug.

Notes: Single crochet is the smallest stitch used in crochet. It gives a firm, closely woven fabric, with a pretty seeded look, which is equally attractive worked in a fine or bulky yarn.

Before beginning to work any crochet stitches, extra chains are made in order to bring the hook up to the same height as the stitch being worked and to give the fabric a straight edge.They are always counted as the first stitch of every row and are called the turning chain.

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