Princess Anne Braid Fancy Hair Braids

How to Make a Princess Anne Braid Tutorial

Here are some very simple directions to making a Princess Anne braid with your hair.

Here's what the Princess Anne Braid looks like.

Princess Anne braid sample
1. Start with a clean straight part down the middle of the head, just as if you were going to make pigtails.

You are going to make French Braids out of both of these sections, starting at the top and working your way down to the neck. When you are done with the first braid, fasten it.

Princess Anne braid step 1

2. Once you get to the bottom and both French pigtails are finished, unfasten the first braid and hold the right tail in the right hand and the left tail in the left hand. Your palms should be facing up. Make sure to keep all 6 strands separated between your fingers.

Princess Anne braid step 2

3. You want to have both braids ending with the right strand crossing over middle. Now turn your right hand over so that your palm is facing down and combine these 3 strands with the 3 strands in your left hand, (such as... left strand with right, middle strand with middle, right strand with left)

Princess Anne braid step 3

4. Pull these strands tight and finish with a Basic Braid. Then fasten with elastic.

Princess Anne braid step 4

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