Our Ecig Starter Kits and Beginner Recommendations

After buying our first ecig starter kit, which was the Joye 510 from Madvapes.com, we realized that we actually needed two starter kits, one for me and one for my husband. Since the ecig starter kit that we got from Madvapes only had two full electronic cigarettes in the kit, and we were both using them, one day, both of the batteries ran out at the same time. So after doing so good with them for 3 days, they both died at the same time, and both needed to be recharged. So, we wound up smoking real cigarettes for the next 3 days while our new Megadeal starter kit came in, which was a bummer.

It was at that point, we realized we needed a starter kit for each of us. So, we got online and starter searching for the perfect ecig starter kit for us both. We found there are so many websites out there that sell ecig stuff, we were getting confused and discouraged. I ran across a couple of ecig forums that helped us in making our decision of what to get. Here's the forums I ran across: E-Cigarette Forum, Vapeatron Forum, and the Vaportalk Forum

There are also some ecigarrettes that you "shouldn't" get. The reason for this is either because they are going obsolete, or the parts are not interchangeable with other Ecigs. Examples of this would be the "RN4081" and the "901's" I also considered getting 2 starter kits from Cignot.com because they got good reviews. But you can't really go by reviews on sites, because there are too many dealers and suppliers out there looking to make a buck.

AquaVapor Megadeal Starter Kit

On the ecig forums, there were quite a few suppliers recommended, and we even watched a lot of youtube videos, but eventually decided that getting an AquaVapor Megadeal would be the best route to go for both of us. It included "everything," so there was no reason for us to do anymore research to figure out what we need. We just bought it ALL in one shot. It included a separate kit for each of us, and all the chargers we could imagine. Plus, we wanted the "automatic" ecig, which doesn't have a button you have to push. We wanted our ecigs to look just like cigarettes, so we got the white ones, with brown cartomizers

Here's the breakdown of what we chose in the dropdowns:

D2BOX-MegaDeal Mega Deal - 510 ONE Model (Save $70 !!)

KIT 1: ** Kit 1 eCig Color- [Required]: White eCig with Brown Filter ** Kit 1 Battery Type - [Required] : 2 Auto Batteries ** Kit 1 PCC (Portable Charging Case) Color: Black PCC ** Kit 1 Leather Case Color- [Required]: Black ** Kit 1 Cartomizer Flavor - [Required]: Regular (Like Marboro) ** Kit 1 Cartomizer Strength - [Required]: High Nicotine (Full Strength) ** Kit 1 FREE Refill eLiquid Flavor - [Required] - Drop Down to Select: Cuban Cigar Flavor Refill Liquid ** Kit 1 FREE Refill eLiquid Strength - [Required]: High Nicotine (Full Strength)

Kit 2: ** eCig Color- [Required]: White eCig with Brown Filter ** Kit 2 Battery Type - [Required] : 2 Auto Batteries ** Kit 2 PCC (Portable Charging Case) Color: Black PCC ** Kit 2 Leather Case Color- [Required]: Silver (Butterfly Design) ** Kit 2 Cartomizer Flavor - [Required]: Regular (Like Marl) ** Kit 2 Cartomizer Strength - [Required]: Medium Nicotine (Light Strength) ** Kit 2 FREE Refill eLiquid Flavor - [Required] - Drop Down to Select: Coffee Flavor Refill Liquid ** Kit 2 FREE Refill eLiquid Strength - [Required]: High Nicotine (Full Strength)

Then we added: Add Additional Accessories to your Starter Kit at Discounted Prices - [Optional] : Add USB Passthrough Battery - Great accessory if you spend a lot of time at your computer - Just plug it into your USB port and smoke away with no worries of battery going dead $10.95

Is there anything we would have changed in the order after we got it? No, I don't think so. We are happy with what we got. I really love the coffee flavor, so maybe I would have gotten coffee in my filters instead of the Regular Tobacco. But we were afraid of giving up the tobacco flavor right off the bat.

Our Stop Smoking Timelime

The first week on our ecigs, it seemed we tried to follow our old smoking habit, because that was what we were used to. Then after a week, we started forgetting our old habit, and had created new habits, such as recharging the batteries, refilling the cartomizers, and sitting at the table and "vaping" after a meal. It seemed the first 3 days I carried mine with me everywhere, not wanting to put it down. It was like my security blanket.

By the 2nd week, we felt that the 18mg nicotine we had was not strong enough, so we bought a couple bottles of some 24mg. Big mistake! Because the 24mg was TOO STRONG! So, we were stuck switching inbetween the two, or mixing the two to get it to 20mg.

By the 3rd week, we found ourselves buying some Lorann flavorings, and some unflavored PG and VG (the thick stuff), thinking we could mix our own, or dilute what we already had, but we did not realize the "steep" time. So, now we have a bunch of flavorings and PG/VG that we can mix, but have to wait for 2 weeks before we can use them! That's the bummer. So, most of the premixed ejuices you buy have already been "steeped," or at least a week steeped.

By the 4th week, this week, we went back to the forums to do more research, and to find out exactly what everyone's "favorite" flavor is. So, we found out everyone loves : the House Blend from Copper Creek, the Organic Kona Coffee Milkshake E-liquid from VirginVapors, and a hazelnut tobacco called Rou's Natural Toasted Hazelnut Tobacco from VaporRite.com. We just ordered these, and I'll review them after we get them. The thing about the different ejuices is that people's tastebuds are different, so what one person likes, another person might not like. It just depends on what flavor you prefer. I myself like the Caramel Popcorn flavor, and the Rye4, and as a treat, the Blueberry. As far as the PG/VG ratio, it depends on what you are doing with the ejuice. Such as, if you are refilling your cartridges or cartomizers, then you need something thinner, usually a 50%PG/50%VG. But if you are filling a clearomizer for these Ego T's then you need something thicker, more like a 70%VG/30%PG.

First Month Conclusion

The good news: The conclusion to this great adventure, after the first month, is that we haven't had an real cigarette since we received our starter kits, which it is almost a month now, Jan 3rd - Feb. 1st. And we don't miss them at all. We never did smoke in the house, we always went outside, so it was quite different for us to be able to "vape" in the house, and not have to go outside, and it is great not having ashtrays around, emptying butts, looking for a light, or rolling down the windows in the car.

The bad news: The bad news is that we probably have overbought in our supplies. We have too much, and I think it takes a lot of self control or lack of money to keep you in check. But the good side of that is that we feel comfortable about that, and at least we have stopped smoking, and have probably saved ourselves a lot of money in future health problems.

Converting the Neighbors

Another thing that happened was that we were invited to a pot luck dinner at our neighbors, and took our ecigs with us. They were very interested in them and we let them try them, and then our neighbor bought her starter kit. She said, "I can do this!" She got a single starter kit with a PCC from Aquavapor because her husband doesn't smoke. (The PCC is a charger you can use when you travel, if you don't have the car charger.)

Then our neighbor went to work with them, and two of her co-workers bought starter kits. So, ecigs grow in popularity by seeing someone using them, and not necessarily by word of mouth.

But another thing I noticed, is that people who do not smoke at all, don't understand why we switched to ecigs. They think that if we want to quit, then we should just go cold turkey. They make stupid comments like, "Well, you're STILL getting the nicotine!" and, "Do you have your THING with you?" They don't understand or appreciate the fact that we have given up the smoke, tar, ashtrays, buying them, butts, and inparticularly, the smell! Some comments come with a hint of sarcasm, and I find myself just ignoring them.

I started a page on the ejuice liquids. See it here: Ejuice eliquids reviews and recipes